Warranty Conditions, Maintenance And Care Instructions

SOLID Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty

With over 15 years of solid foundation deeply rooted in Malaysia, Dream Living Floor is the pioneer and has been regarded as the market leader in laminate flooring and therefore, we are able to offer you a SOLID Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty against staining, fading and surface wear-through.

Thank you for purchasing Dream Living Floor. You can be assured that this product has been manufactured according to international standards and has been subjected to strict Quality Control procedures before it reaches you. However, in the unlikely event that you discover any defects on the flooring panels upon opening the carton, please DO NOT Install them. Kindly return them to your authorized distributor for a replacement or refund. This warranty does not cover any defective material that has been installed without prior checking.


For claims on surface wear-through, an area on the floor panel is considered worn-through only if the worn-through area is more than 1 cm²/0.16sq inch and the decorative layer has been exhausted until the core material is visible. Claims for surface wear-through is unacceptable if the surface wear-through occurs at the edges/joints of the panel. Gloss reduction is not surface worn-through.


Dream Living Floor is resistant to normal household stains on the decorative surface.


Inovar Floor is resistant to fading from exposure to indirect sunlight or normal artificial light conforming to EN13329 test method with exception of natural ageing.

This warranty does not cover damages caused by the following situations:-

  • Accidents, abuse or misuse of the floor: e.g. surface damage caused by dropping/dragging sharp/heavy objects.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, example electrical underfloor heating.
  • Installation of product with visible manufacturing defects.
  • The floor was not installed according to the manufacturer’s recommended instruction. The installation instruction is located on the packaging.
  • The correct underlay and/or vapor barriers have not been used as required for the subfloor in question.
  • The floor was not maintained or used properly according to the recommended usage or maintenance procedures, e.g. floor cleaning with excessive water, industrial solvents, etc.
  • Flooding caused by plumbing failures or natural causes.
  • Fading caused by direct ultra violet radiation from direct sunlight exposure.
  • If an expansion joint profile is not used on doorways between rooms or in area greater than 12m in the direction of length of the individual flooring planks & 7m on width direction of the room.
  • Floor in installed in saunas or bathrooms (areas prone to excessive water exposure).
  • Trapped water underneath the flooring panels or underlay caused by air condition leakage, etc.
  • Office chairs must be fitted with soft wheels / castors or if nylon castors are being used, use protective mats/rubber pads underneath the chair.
  • Flooring panels used in places where the traffic exceeds the utility class that is recommended.
  • Surface defects that can only be seen from an angle source of light.
  • Flooring panels damaged during renovations work by others.
  • Gaps after installation – As wood is a living material (inherent hygroscopic properties), gaps can appear on the joints due to seasonal variation, air conditioning underfloor heating (electrical system not recommended) or exposure to excessive water.

In the event of a claim, the defect must be reported in writing to the authorized distributor within 14 days of the discovery of the defect. After this time has elapsed, no further complaints will be accepted. A duly dated and stamped invoice & a copy of warranty card must be submitted at the time. Our authorized personnel must be accorded every opportunity to inspect the claimed product in site. In the case where a claim is accepted, it should be at the discretion of the supplier to either repair the claimed material or offer replacement material of the same quality and design/color as fas as possible. The product warranty does not cover any labor cost or accessories associated with replacement of damaged material covered by the warranty. Consequential losses and any other costs whatever are not covered by the warranty.

Note: The services provided as part of this warranty do not extend the original warranty period. The warranty is of diminishing value in the sense that it takes account of loss of value resulting from use: ie. 1/15, 1/20 or 1/5 per annum. It is not transferable and will apply to the first buyer only.

Maintenance & Care:

Please follow the simple steps below for proper guidelines.

  • If hot water underfloor heating system is used, please consult your distributor on specification and procedures. It is not advisable to use electrical underfloor heating system for Inovar Floors.
  • Remove dust and dirt with a broom, vacuum cleaner or an absorbent cloth.
  • For a slightly dirty floor, use a moist cloth or a well-wrung mop. Detergent is not to be utilised: a well-wrung mop or damp cloth will do the job just fine. Floor
  • wax or polish are unable to penetrate the surface of the floor (not recommended).
  • Stubborn stains like grease, tar, mud, shoe/nail polish etc can be spot-cleaned with Stalheim special cleaning agents. Liquid/water spilled accidentally on the floor should be removed as soon as possible.
  • Frequently accessed areas/entrances should be protected with a doormat to keep away coarse dirt, grit and stones.
  • Furniture legs should be protected by felt pads or plastic caps.
  • The floor should always be installed in an area that corresponds to its intended utility class.
  • When moving heavy furniture, lift it and do not drag it across the floor.
  • Put UV filter/sheer/curtain/blinds on windows in areas where there is direct exposure of sunlight.