Installation Method

Important Information: Please read this before installation.

The floor panels should be transported in a lying down position. Floor panels should be stored in this position in theirunopened packages in a dry storage location. Allow the floor panels to acclimatize (in its unopened packaging) with its surrounding for 48 hours prior to installation. Inspect the floor panels before laying. Complaints on materials that have been used will not be entertained. Unused panelsfrom opened packages should be re-sealed in their original packing with adhesive tape. The floor panels should be laid as a floating floor system and should not be fixed, in any way, to the sub-floor or to anyvertical structure. Ensure that proper gaps of at least 10mm (3/8 inches) from the walls and any vertical structures aremaintained during installation. These gaps are to be concealed with suitable skirting or expansion profiles after installation.
Suitable expansion profiles should be used at door threshold and if the length and width of the floor exceeds 12m and 7mrespectively.

It is recommended that you use felt pads on furniture legs to prevent unintentional scratching on the floor

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Additional points to note:


This laminate flooring can be installed on the following sub-floors:
Wood/timber, tiles and ceramics, marble/stone floors, linoleum/PVC and other solid/hard floor types. It is strongly advised that existing carpeting be removed before installing laminate flooring.

Floor heating:

This laminate floor can be laid over hot-water under floor heating system. However, it is possible that slight gaps might develop between the floor panels when the heating is active, or due to the atmospheric conditions and this does not constitute grounds for complaints.

Clearance for door opening:

Always check the thickness of the floor panels with the underlay beneath to ensure that there is enough clearance for doors to open. If not, necessary modifications should be carried out to ensure that doors open easily after the flooring is installed.


Do not pour water directly onto the floor during cleaning. The surface of laminate flooring is designed for easy maintenance, and cleaning can simply be done with a slightly damp mop or vacuuming. Laminate floor does not stain easily, and almost all stains can be removed with suitable household cleaning agents. It is advisable to use a doormat at main entrances to protect the floor and to keep it clean.

Installation diagrams provided above:

Please note that these diagrams are meant as reference only. Floorboards, tools and all other items are not drawn according to actual scale.


As wood is a living material (inherent hygroscopic properties), gaps can appear on joints between floorboards due to seasonal variation, underfloor heating (electrical system) not recommended or exposure to excessive water.